A long time member of the V1 family in Copenhagen, with five solo presentations under his belt, Huskmitnavn is about to present his solo debut Signs of Life at their sister venue, Eighteen Gallery. Indulging his fascination with both the peculiarity and normalcy of everyday life, the Danish artist coalesces the distinctive atmosphere of his homeland, in quirky,comic and relatable  moments. The show will be on view from May 12th until July 9th as the gallery transforms their nights into opening week, as well as expanding hours ias they welcome more visitors in a safe and sane manner.


Viewing the 11 new paintings and a big series of works on paper that Huskmitnavn prepared for the showcase, one is struck by the incredible timing in presenting such work. An exhibition that explores human inter-relations in a time when physical connections are literally regulated by law, imbue this work with a whole new level of importance and relevance,  while serving as an emotional reminder of the life we’re so eager to resume. Home rituals and urban life phenomena subtly comment on the unsustainable lifestyles to which we’re accustomed. In a variety of scenarios and subjects, he travels from reckless graffiti youth adventures to family-oriented patterns, in honest portrayals of his position in the world and the world's position around him. Unafraid to comment on society and own personal experiences, the Copenhagen-based artist has become an important documentarian of his generation. 

Along with paintings on canvas, Huskmitnavn has been extensively exploring the possibilities of works on paper. Drawings in their core, these works regularly transcend perceived limitations of black ink on a white surface. Super imaginative in use of format, frame, or other structural elements, these works continue the concepts known as Papirarbejde (Paperworks), which he has introduced via Instagram in recent years. —Sasha Bogojev