A new gallery recently opened in San Francisco. For those even remotely familiar with San Francisco, this will probably come as a surprise. What comes as even more of a surprise, is that this is a small space oriented towards emerging art and artists.

The gallery is called SWIM Gallery, an extension of Yarrow Slaps' and Auguste Somers' collective art crew of the same name. Up until now, SWIM has been a nomadic team of curators, creators, artists, and musicians. This nomadic journey has included a number of successful group exhibitions at established California galleries, including last year's lil swim show at Luggage Store Gallery, Yee Yee, Cries of a Lost Tribe at New Image Art Gallery, and a few pop-ups at Upper Playground. In addition to pop-up shows, they've been making apparel, a magazine, and a documentary, all of which will be tied in with the same project and mission of the gallery space.

Be sure to check out the opening for their inaugural show MONstars and follow along their numerous projects. The opening includes work from four incredible rising Bay Area artists, Sofie Ramos (who we recently interviewed on our website,) Marcela Pardo Ariza (whose show Slow Clap was featured here back in September,) Kat Geng, and Laura Rokas (whose work will likely be on here soon.) 

In the words of the SWIM collective: 
“We want to be Blue Chip, but blue collar mutha fuckers.“