Seonna Hong's world always appear lonely but simultaneously a place you would want to be. They are worlds that feel distant and yet familiar, with cave-like entries and forest like expanses are frequent, and the characters all tend to be wandering toward an unknown barrier. In her newest solo show, Late Bloomer, on view at Hashimoto's new Los Angeles space, the artist is look inward at her own Korean-American identity while looking outward toward a climate crisis and world of continuous turmoil. 

As the gallery notes, "Hong’s signature expressionistic landscapes contain quiet narratives, balancing geometric abstraction with autobiographical figures. Energetic marks carve mountain ranges across the linen planes, boulders are formed from collaged palette components and delicate washes create atmospheric fog to form layered and complex landscapes. The artist’s characters explore the surreal scenes, searching for something just out of sight."

The exhibition will be on view January 15th to February 5th with a closing reception on February 5th from 10am to 6pm. For more information or to request the online collector's preview, please contact LA Director Dasha Matsuura at [email protected]