Tales of Art gallery in Imola, Italy, is showing its most ambitious group show to date, Universes, curated Juxtapoz' very own Sasha Bogojev. Opening on October 13th, the exhibition will include all new works by 10 international artists which, although diverse in most aspects of their artistic practice, strongly rely on creating their own spectrums of characters, settings, and events. Taking references from life experiences, popular culture, or plain imagination, each piece is somewhat of a portal into a new, unknown dimension buzzing with fantastic events and inhabited by peculiar characters.

Figurative at their very core, these paintings, drawings, and sculptures, are frequently including elements that can define them as surrealist, illustrative, comic, pop-art, or even abstract. Unrestricted with the factuality and uncompromising rules of reality, they are great examples of that irresistible point where imagination, creativity, and artistic talent meet. Rendered using different techniques and visual languages, the characters, and scenarios around them are ultimately standing for artistic freedom in its purest form. Universal and unpretentious in their conceptualization, the selected works are passively inviting the observer to immerse her or himself into these visuals and enjoy the brief journey through the Universes. 

Participating artists include: Ador, Ana Barriga, Calvin Wong, Edgar Plans, Giorgiko, Kobusher, Peter Chan, Peter Opheim, Peter Schenck, and Super Future Kid