Sarme One's Pop Culture-Inspired Graffiti Machines

December 20, 2017

Croatian artist Sarme One is currently having a solo show in Galerija Siva in his hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. For his debut exhibition, the prolific graffiti writer created a series of new pieces on canvas, paper, as well as couple of digital prints.

Always very active on the local graffiti scene for over 15 years, Sarme One is now for the first time showing his studio pieces as well as digital works. Inspired by the comics from the 1980s and 90s, as well as cartoons and movies that left a significant impact on his creativity, Sarme renders familiar imagery through an almost naive, graffiti-influenced visual language. Intentionally ignoring the perspective and space rules, his "S" shaped machines evoke the urban and vandal aesthetic applied to everything from Mad Max's Interceptor to Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine. Using variety of techniques, the pieces are all done with clean, sharp lines and solid, vibrant colors, adorned with tags, crew names, stickers, throw-ups and other graffiti insignia. —Sasha Bogojev

Photos by @chez_186