Saner "Resistencia/Resistance" @ Museo de las Americas

Jun 23, 2016 - Sep 16, 2016Museo de las Americas, Denver

Saner (aka Edgar Flores) delves into the essence of cultural self through nahual masked renegades in this summer's exhibition at Museo de las Americas...

In the exhibition Saner explores the themes of identity and conformity as he portrays masked personas inspired by traditional nahual spirits. With 48 canvases, a large graffiti mural and one digital creation, Saner's voice can definitely be heard and with Museo's full embrace will certainly not be resisted. Saner is very much the product of his environment which can be seen as a direct translation and divergence of his influencers. From pop art to graffiti murals, Jose Posada to Diego Rivera, Saner's pieces tell his vivid story. Saner's works begs us to ask the questions: What mask do you wear? What do you resist? What is your cultural identity?

"Edgar Flores (aka. Saner) uses everyday life as the stage to introduce his magic beings full of energy and mischief, always concealing their identity, resisting the conservative mind. Those creatures represent the ideals and aspirations of people struggling for survival. This exhibit celebrates the spirit of our community, our culture, our love for life and the power to resist the taming of our ancient spirit." â€”Maruca Salazar, Curator

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