As announced in our December 2017 issue, Sainer is about to open his long awaited solo show at Openspace Gallery in Paris. On December 2nd, he will be introducing Chaotic Harmony, presenting an all new body of work in which he is exploring some new artistic grounds.

Better known as one half of the infamous Etam Cru together with his long-time friend Bezt, the Polish artist prepared a large new body of work for his first solo show in 4 years. With this showcase, he pushed his practice into some brave new directions, letting his illustration based figurative work evolve all the way to minimalist colorful abstraction. Showing each step of the exciting process, this landmark show will include 16 paintings, 9 drawings and couple of color studies ranging from medium size ink drawings to large scale canvases or panel pieces. —Sasha Bogojev

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The show will be on view in Paris from December 2, 2017—January 20, 2018.