What we have always loved about Ryan McGinness is that he loves to break things down. He breaks down the idea of the painting, the idea of the artist painting the painting, the idea of the artist in the studio painting the painting while breaking down the idea of painting. So it seems perfect that his newest show at Kohn Gallery in LA, on view through April 22, is called "#metadata."

It's fitting because when McGinness was on the cover of Juxtapoz last June, his newest series was about these excellent works of paintings living inside paintings, all with the tiny details that are present in the studio while the artist works. As Kohn notes of the show and these works specifically, "McGinness turns this practice in on itself with Studio Views that depict paintings situated in the artist’s studio. However, these paintings-of-paintings are not reproductions. Rather, they are primary productions located within reproductions of the studio, complete with the inclusion of the tools used to produce the works – sawhorses, silkscreens, and paint buckets." They are both beautiful and thought-provoking, but also a necessary evolution as to how McGinness works. 

Carlo McCormick wrote of McGinness' work in Juxtapoz, "Semiotics, in the hands of Ryan McGinness, is not just the tool by which we interpret our very modes of communication; it is the topography of a human affliction in which too many signs distress comprehension to the ends of confusion. He described it to us as 'metadata work,' explaining them as 'information about information.' In part, he asserts this is his reaction to the disembodiment of fine art into the trivialized medium of JPEGs in our digital age."

How perfectly fit to see these works in a gallery with little or no signs of distress in site.