Deep Space Gallery is showing new works, an installation, and an experimental short film by Ryan Bock in his latest show The Golem: Objects of Security. Inspired by the myth of the Golem of Prague, particularly by the German horror film that the exhibition’s title adapts, Bock confronts the duality of self-protection. It is said that the rabbi brought the Golem to life to protect the Jewish ghetto, but in time the guardian turned against its creator, desecrating the people and places in its path.

“My natural human inclination toward security is stifling my growth. I’m attempting to propel myself out of my comfort zone, off a cliff in both my personal and professional life in order to reach a higher comprehension of where I stand,” Ryan Bock says of his forthcoming exhibition, The Golem: Objects of Security. Paired with the artist’s shifting perspective is his presentation of previously unexplored mediums and the reimagining of practiced ones.  Shapes of antiquity meet those of contemporary society and iconic symbols are abstracted and separated from their contexts. These new works include painting, sculpture, drawings, and experimental short film.

The things our contemporary society considers foundational to life—medicine, information technology, economies, stability—are the fabric of The Golem.  Rather than accepting them as assurances of comfort and protection, Bock exposes their inherent vulnerability to compromise and thus the dangers they pose to the very security we rely on them for.  Bock’s works give form to unexposed dark matter, calling attention to the webs and mazes that distract us from reflecting on our own contemporary condition.

Bock cautions us -- anything that we view as armor may also provide the means of our demise...