A Juxtapoz-legend and all around superstar of the contemporary art world, Ron English opens a new solo show at Allouche Gallery opening Thursday, Sept 22, from 6—9pm.

From the gallery: Allouche Gallery is proud to present its first solo show in the Meatpacking District, Ron English / Guernica, featuring the debut of eighteen new paintings by the prolific contemporary Pop and street artist, Ron English. 

The artist has been working on the Ron English / Guernica show for over two years. He has examined the templates obsessively to imagine the truth in experience from every angle. Each piece from this body of work forces the viewer to face cultural biases that are embedded in our consciousness.

“I don’t believe I will ever exhaust the possibilities of the [Guernica] template, with its unending power to visually articulate the raging complexities of waste, destruction, horror and conquest, through its deceptively simplied narrative,” says English.