Broken Cycles, Marcos Navarro's exhibition at Talon Gallery, opens tomorrow, July 25th. Navarro is a painter from Barcelona, currently based in San Sebastian, and this exhibit will be his first in the United States. The central themes in his art center around the animal world interacting with an, at times, destructive human nature. Through fascination with nature and wildlife, Navarro harnesses the power of art to push for greater awareness of our ability to break natural cycles.

In an increasingly consumerist society, each of us is responsible for the continuous waste of natural resources. Navarro sees that as a result of our choices and actions, and through a kind of butterfly effect, we are breaking down natures' cyclic systems. Marcos' art obviously won't save the world; however, he hopes to create radical social change that positively affects the world and repairs these broken cycles. 

As part of the exhibition, the artist traveled to Portland's Talon Gallery to paint a large mural on the gallery's exterior wall. Broken Cycles runs from July 25 through August 25, 2019.