Ser. Entre Semilla y Ceniza is the title of the new exhibition by artist Guillaume Alby, better known by as Remed, at Delimbo Gallery in Seville. The exhibition comprises a total of 12 large-format paintings, 24 drawings and two sculptures that the artist has produced together with artisans and artists from the city of Seville. 

"Remed has long sought to involve locals in his process, enriching both his work and his knowledge, as well as at the same time giving support, recognition and visibility to the local arts and craft scene. Remed's work seeks a relationship between the spiritual, the mathematical and the aesthetic, creating a harmony both visual and sensory. It is the present moment to which Remed move us with the contemplation of his work, just the moment in which we find ourselves between the seed and the ashes, to make us celebrate life through art."