Redd Walitzki Explores a Potential Life After Earth

Jul 15, 2017 - Aug 12, 2017Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles

Opening this weekend at Corey Helford Gallery; Stranger Than Earth, is a solo exhibition by Redd Walitzki, is a requiem to an Earth transformed by climate change. Walitzki focuses in on the fact that there is no going back to the world we used to know. The explorers depicted in these paintings are a reflection of their environment, both unknowable and also entering into unknown spaces. In these delicate mixed media paintings, Redd combines the romanticism of high-fashion with a science fiction edge. 

Each piece in this series contained an epic journey in its creation. Redd traveled to locations awe-inspiring in their natural wonder, but also reshaped by humans, to capture the initial reference imagery. The resulting paintings depict the balance of a world which is transforming while it also transforms us. The emotional arc of this body of work also mirrors this transformation in a very personal way. Redd began the series with a sense of hope and optimism, but at the end of 2016 her personal life fell apart, just as the outside world was in a state of turmoil and upheaval.  She battled through this hopelessness to grasp a new sense of adventure and beauty; re-centering in her art and pushing through boundaries, which led to an internal transformation reflected in the overall arc and scale of these pieces.