Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Recollected Forms, a three-person exhibition featuring the work of contemporary artists Matthew King, Kevin Umaña, and David Ellis (cover artist, Juxtapoz, March 2007). An opening reception for Recollected Forms will take place on Thursday, April 26, with the exhibition running through to June 2, 2018. Artists will be present for the opening reception.

For this curated exhibition, the artists navigate the possibilities of mining the pictorial language of 1960s Modernism, through personal and contemporary lenses. Many of the forms and compositions recall mid-century Minimalism, Hard-edge painting, and modernist architecture with its utopian ideals of living. Through various applications and mediums, including wood, aluminum, acrylic, resin, and collage, these artists utilize their materials to create works composed of simplified forms that defy the easy categorization of painting or sculpture. In direct contrast to the historical traditions of these 1960s art movements, which leaned towards the isolated and objective, these three artists create a dialogue through their work that brings memory, nostalgia, and landscape to the forefront of their practice.