We had a chance to be in both Hong Kong and Tokyo for KAWS's two solo shows with Galerie Perrotin, featuring a new series of paintings as well as a new sculpture. As we saw in Tokyo, KAWS has been pushing further and further into multi-layered paintings, hiding and revealing some of his icons underneath bursts of color and line work. 

What is slightly different with the Hong Kong show is the centerpiece of the show is not a painting with icons covered by thick black lines. This show is about shapes and abstracted parts brought together with hints of iconic XX's and eyeballs and characters seen throughout KAWS's career. The works are bold and bright, but still flirting with some of his most abstract works to date. And then new to Hong Kong is a large, pink BFF sculpture in the center of the gallery (which also saw a toy release on KawsOne.com and MoMA today). 

This show is on view at Perrotin in Hong Kong through May 19, 2018

Photos by @sashabogojev