Read This: The Meditative Universe of Nosego (An Interview)

July 30, 2017

LYS: You've been at work on this body of work for over a year now. Did your original vision for the show shift over that course of time? 
Nosego: Surprisingly the vision stayed consistent and all the work seemed to fall inline organically as the body of work grew.

There seems to be a greater sense of peace, quiet, and maturity to this body of work, compared to past show that were a bit more saturated and graphic-- yet your penchant for playfulness always shines through. Do you feel that you have matured as an artist throughout this body of work? To what can we attribute this matured aesthetic?
Yes, absolutely.  I feel more free and confident creatively as I've learned to appreciate the feeling of a work rather than chasing an aesthetic.

By depicting each of your chosen creatures as its own precious environment, there seems to be a subtle undertone of commentary of environmentalism. Is there any takeaway you'd like your viewers to have on the issue?
Yes, to think beyond yourself for everything is connected.

Painting 4 detail

The infinity symbol appears throughout this body of work. What does this imply?
It's inspired by the vastness of existence and implies that connection is eternal. 

Tell us a little more about your fixation on peacocks?
I just think they're beautiful. 

Your imagined landscape-creatures express elements of mysticism and healing -- can you tell us a bit more about these elements and their significance in your work?
Yes, they serve as symbols of different forms of energy and the importance of remembering we're only in control of what we can physically do in the moment.  

How do you balance your mural work with your studio time? Do you prefer one over the other? Which feeds into the other more?
I enjoy both equally but for different reasons. It's the personal time that I have in a studio that feeds the introvert in me, and when it's time to be out I love the fresh air and painting something physically larger than myself. 

Painting 10 copy

What are you going to do now that "Ingress" is over?
I'm painting a few murals and then begin planning for a show next year. 

Which superhero are you (DC/Marvel universe) and why?
I'm Nightcrawler because I like the idea of being able to teleport.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
I'm just stoked to chat with you and thank you!

Painting 5 detail