Postmasters in NYC opens a new exhibition, "CON-Figuration," featuring paintings, textiles, sculpture works by Erin M. Riley, Canyon Castator, Christian Rex van Minnen and more!

It starts with a great Brecht quote: "In dark times will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing about the dark times." Maybe that is reassuring for some, but its the truth. Postmasters in NYC has just opened the group show, CON-Figuration, featuring former Juxtapoz x Superflat artists Erin M. Riley and Christian Rex van Minnen, as well as some of our favorite emerging artists of the moment: Canyon Castator, Agathe Snow, Shamus Clisset. The mixture of paintings, tapestries, and 3D renderings gives the show a great range of contemporary art, but it's presentation in the same dialogue is what makes us excited about the curation. Or as the curators note, "Criminally intense, disturbingly dense, amplified, distorted, unreal, uncomfortable, weird, and sexy. Art for this deformed time."

The show is open through April 22nd at Postmasters in NYC.

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