Psychological Realism is a group exhibition at Paul Booth Gallery exploring the intricacies of identity through depictions of the human body in a range of styles from finely representational to boldly expressional. The exhibition presents the following eleven artists: Sergio Barrale, Daniel Bilodeau, Rune Christensen, Jesse Draxler, Erik Jones, Maria Kreyn, Adam Miller, Jean-Paul Mallozzi, David McLeod, Henrik Uldalen, and Jonathan Viner.

Psychological Realism focuses on the artists' interior motives and creative perspective by offering a glimpse into the mental narrative of the figures portrayed in the art, rather than painting the entire story. The exhibition highlights the figure through different styles of art, as a means of representing the depth and diversity of individuals and their personality. The choice of medium by each artist is as personal as the subject matter, as it is an extension of themselves and functions as the manifestation of their soul for all to see. Despite the differing aesthetics and preferred media, this selection of artists speak the same cutting edge visual language. Their paintings, installations and collages transcend genres and encompass photoreal, surreal and abstract to portray an identity that is visceral, innately familiar and deeply compelling.