This March, Lazinc will present sixteen new works from the Miaz Brothers in an exhibition entitled, Anonymous. The Miaz Brothers are Italian artists, born in Milan in 1965 and 1968, and are now based in Valencia.

This exhibition will be a continuation of the Antimatter Series and will showcase experimentation that the Miaz Brothers have been working on since last year: bringing more impression to the subjects while respecting the fundamentals of the series. The show is titled Anonymous, and will tackle concepts of anonymity and the metaphor of status in our existence. While both bodies of work portray beings, symbolic of a cross- section of society that scales class, location and time, the work for this new exhibition aims to present some transcendent answers for our present existence. The artists’ work intentionally looks to the future and embodies that which is yet to come, which today remains indefinable. This is particularly prevalent as the brothers see ‘contemporary art’ as constantly having to be ceaselessly ahead of the curve.

“The Miaz Brothers have been a revelation since their initial show with us back in 2013. We love what they do and just hoped it would be reciprocated by the art loving public. Both shows with us have been sell outs and hugely well attended. We are back with our third show together and they have built on those successes to give us an absolute knock out show. Come see for yourself the genius of the Miaz Brothers.”-Steve Lazarides, Co-Founder, Lazinc, 2018

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The Miaz Brothers’ unique practice involves using acrylic paint to create portraits on canvas. The works for Anonymous have a new, bolder brush stroke which has not been seen in the Antimatter Series, however the technique stays true to the typical style of the duo. The portraits appear out of focus, prompting the viewer to look beyond the line and to use both their own perception and imagination. The observer is compelled to engage with visual and cognitive preconceptions and use mnemonic associations to make sense of the paintings.

The artists refrain from over-explaining the meaning of their work; instead they encourage the viewer to develop their own relationship with the paintings.

“It is an exercise for the inner spirit; a flexible experience of stretching the awareness of what we see and perceive; a stimulation for the consciousness and the limits of our idea of the world and its symbols. We are trying to force the viewer to interact with the image and to do so in a sensitive effort by filtering it through the perception and the process of identification to achieve something not fixed or limited but which is boundless and personal.” —The Miaz Brothers, 2018