Jeremy Fish has so long been associated with the skate and art scene of San Francisco that it may be surprising to know he was born and bred in upstate New York. So, homecoming or not, this is Fish’s first exhibition with Jonathan LeVine, and obviously his first in LeVine’s new digs at the expansive MANA Contemporary campus in Jersey City. “For The Spirit Animals, I have made the largest body of work on one theme since my Laguna Museum exhibition in 2009,” Fish told Juxtapoz. “I am planning a mural installation and a screenprint that work together. It is a nice space, and pretty huge!” Fish, for all his deft talent as a painter, is an inspired storyteller, and we have always thought of him as the contemporary Dr. Seuss with a fine art platform. “There’s a whimsical nature to Jeremy’s work, but it’s deeply personal and mature,” says gallerist LeVine. For us, these characters are familiar, but grow and evolve in each show and have so imbued themselves in Fish’s own persona that each one becomes a metaphor for personal exploration. —Evan Pricco

The Spirit Animals 
opens at Jonthan LeVine Projects on June 24th.