Preview: Conor Harrington "Watch Your Palace Fall" solo show / book release in London

Sep 15, 2016 - Oct 09, 2016Heni/Pace Gallery, London

Two-time Juxtapoz cover artist Conor Harrington will open his long-awaited new solo show "Watch Your Palace Fall" with Heni/Pace London on September 15, 2016. Go see it.

Irish-born painter Conor Harrington will be opening a solo show "Watch Your Palace Fall" with Heni Publishing and Pace London on September 15th. The exhibition coincides with the publication of the first major monograph of Harrington’s work - "Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall" by HENI Publishing.

Drawing inspiration from classical painting London-based artist is known for his unique blend of serene, realistic elements along with expressive brushstrokes and the raw energy of abstraction. By painting dreamlike battles featuring military-inspired characters reminiscent of Renaissance imagery, he continues the exploration of themes related to the human body, conflicts and gender roles, both through history and in present time. In particular, large diptych "Sluggers Paradise" (2016), represents the classic blue and red of opposing political parties, but also references the North American gang culture. On other hand, the recurring motif of a golden mask is addressing the human need to create false identity, nowadays popular through use of social media. The exhibition will include ten new paintings that will be on view through October 8th 2016 at 6-10 Lexington Street in London. The show marks the release of Harrington's monograph, which will be officially published on 27th October by HENI Publishing, with an early book launch event being held on Sunday 2nd October 2016. The book features more than 150 works by the artist, a new essay by curator Jane Neal and an informal Q&A between Harrington and journalist JJ O’Donoghue. —Text by Sasha Bogojev

6—10 Lexington Street
London, Sept 15—October 9, 2016