One of our favorites, 2501, is currently the Movement x 1xRUN artist in residence prior to his solo exhibition, Processi Generativi, that opens on May 27th at Inner State in Detroit. Not only that, the artist is preparing to install a massive site wide installation throughout Hart Plaza in Detroit. To kick off the events, we have some great shots of 2501 in the residency.

Celebrating 10 years of pioneering electronic music and the visual artwork that it inspires, Paxahau and 1xRUN have partnered to bring their first international artist to Detroit as part of their collaborative Artist In Residency program. This Memorial Day Weekend, 2501 will descend on Hart Plaza ith an immersive installation hat seamlessly mirrors electronic music, as a human interface brings life to the rhythmic syncopation of a repeated robotic beat.

“This installation and body of work has developed through a progressive series of actions. My concept of painting is based on the continuity of experience, on flow rather than stillness, and it is for this reason that I am not going to show you a sequence of static, motionless slides, but something moving. Pictures and art pieces are static and indoor but they tell a story in motion and they are the result from outdoor processes,” 2501 said from his studio in Milan, Italy.

After visiting Detroit in 2015 for 1xRUN’s Murals In The Market festival, 2501 returns to unveil his latest incarnation of “La Macchin” at the world’s premiere electronic music festival. Working with Italian media company, 501 will showcase his signature style with large scale participatory public works strategically placed throughout the festival grounds.

“Part of the Movemenxperience is the ability to connect its audience with the music through various channels of art and technology. We’re very excited to partner with 1xRUo showcase 2501’s live exploration of these elements throughout Hart Plaza,” Paxahau President Jason Huvaere said from his Corktown studio.