Admirers of the Juxtapoz x Superflat show, NYC-based Postmasters gallery recently announced a small group show playing off a similar concept. Presenting figurative and representational content-based work that reflects the intensity of our time, they will be opening "Con-Figuration" on March 18th.

The show will include works by five carefully picked artists creating dark, intense, impolite and sometimes morbid or pornographic works. With each artist having 3-4 pieces on display, the show will be presented in a crowded way to further intensify the agitating experience. The strong lineup include Christian Rex Van Minnen with his deformed, tattooed and slashed portraits painted in old masters manner, Canyon Castator with packed painted collage-like compositions of zombie-like characters, Erin Riley and her indecent tapestries depicting tattooed women bodies or frames of online porn, Shamus Clisset's digitally constructed photoraphic prints rendered in 3D enviroment, and Agathe Snow with sculptures made from blue exercise balls re-purposed into grotesque sex dolls. Putting the "con" into configuration, this exhibition aims to bring "criminally intense, disturbingly dense, amplified, distorted, uncomfortable, weird, and sexy art for this deformed time". —Sasha Bogojev