This coming weekend, Paradigm Gallery and Antler Gallery will be presenting their 2nd co-curated biennial group exhibitions simultaneously opening on both coasts. Philadelphia's Paradigm Gallery will be showing Remembered, while Antler Gallery in Portland will be presenting Imagined, with both shows combining to introduce new works by 21 artists from their rosters.

The idea behind this unique concept was to invite each participating artist to contribute with two pieces tackling the themes of memory and imagination. Putting a special interest on modern day society where reality gets constantly challenged by the technology and ever-present social networks, it will be interesting to see what these artists created for this showcase. The result is a series of works that are in their essence diptychs focused on a single theme but can be showed and enjoyed as 2 individual pieces. With both galleries sharing not only some of the artists on their roster, but the female/male team behind, similar career story, and ethos in their work, this collaborative project is a result of their efforts to support and promote each other while contributing to a greater cause - providing exposure for the works and artists they love. —Sasha Bogojev

The full lineup includes Kevin Cyr, Adrian Landon Brooks, Darla Jackson, Laura Berger, Andrew McIntosh, Brin Levinson, Sarah Detweiler, Kay Healy, Sean Mahan, Allison Kiphuth, Mary Iverson, Ruby Silvious, Jeremy Nichols, Hollis Heichemer, Stephanie Buer, Peter Adamyan, Rosa de Jong, Brooks Salzwedel, Alvaro Naddeo, Emily White, and Ruby Silvious.