Peter Adamyan and Spoke Art Host a Pop Up in San Francisco

Sep 29, 2017 - Sep 30, 2017Spoke Art, San Francisco

Spoke Art recently held a solo pop-up exhibition by Oakland-based painter Peter Adamyan titled Deeds of a Bowerbird. The artist’s latest body of work explores humanity’s disconnection with the natural world, and the replacement of cultural identity with brand identity. 

The artist writes, “My intentions are to have the viewer think about what makes us human, how we are different from other animals on the planet, and how we are the same. How we have lost our connection to the wilderness that has nourished us throughout our evolution and how we could possibly bring some of it back into our lives. Overall I want the viewer to know, that no matter how far we think we have come from our indigenous ancestors, we are not as different from them as we believe we are.”

The pop-up has passed, but you can still see his works for sale here