Pejac Revisiting The Iconic "Scattercrow"

July 10, 2017

Back in 2010, when Pejac first started creating his effective interventions in public space, he painted the image titled "Esparcepájaros (Bird spreader)", somewhere on the streets of Salamanca in Spain. Over the years the image got couple of iterations in different forms, became viral once it hit the cyberspace, and even ended up as a tattoo motif.

Seven years later, in midst of frightening global political decisions which could seriously threaten the future of our planet, he decided to once again revisit this effective image. Depicting a silhouette of a lonely scarecrow disintegrating into a flock of birds, "Scattercrow" is a classic example of his subtle visual language and strong messages he is sending out. Poetic and illusive at the same time the image features one of his favorite and most recurring images - birds. As a symbol of freedom and untouched nature, they are emerging from the very same object that was created in order to frighten them away, glorifying the power of nature over human actions. The newest version of this image will be available as a limited edition print through artist's official website on Friday, 14th of July. The print was created using traditional stone lithograph technique, cherishing the old-fashion methods and direct, time-consuming process as the only way to produce unmediated replicas of the original image. —Sasha Bogojev