A few weeks back, we checked in with the Los Angeles-based Pedro Pedro to see how the pandemic was affecting his practice, and in the process, we got a sneak peek at some of the works that would become Still Life at The Hole. Now we have a better look at the entire body of work, a collection of paintings that capture the jumbled, messy, lonely and all together bursts of creativity we may all be feeling over the last few months. 

From the gallery: "These paintings have an overall muted tonality and soft texture that comes from the technique of painting textile paint onto unprimed linen. Instead of the paint sitting on top of the fabric these works have the pigment soak into the fibers, dyeing them. This however does not prevent the artist from using a palette of bright, beautiful colors and expressive juxtapositions. Puckering navel oranges are convincingly juicy, the American cheese on half-eaten sandwiches evocatively toxic; we have panties, keys and cigarettes, sloppy sneakers and sodden tea bags, fecund melons and sour little pickles; in one giant painting we have almost all those things spread out on a giant studio table."

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