The sublime work and style of Paul Wackers is again on display at Morgan Lehman, with a wide array of ceramic works and paintings in this his third solo show with the gallery.

For Wackers, the title Early Settlers reflects exploration into uncharted territory. These works chronicle a personal and social search for new anchors, networks, and connections amidst a vast and chaotic unknown. Landscapes of irregular perspectives, fragmented objects, and enigmatic rooms present unexpected barriers to entry and understanding. Here is a fully contemporary world, wherein changes in the global political and social climate call into question even the most mundane details of life. The objects are everyday, but when re-contextualized in ambiguous settings, they suggest instability, separation, and uncertainty.

These environments, though, are by no means closed off or hopeless. A persistent sense of playfulness reminds us of the moments of joy in the everyday. In many cases, the presence of the natural world offers access to spaces of calm--a clearing in the dark woods, a literal or metaphorical light--and the continued existence of both physical and mental solace is reaffirmed, even if hope feel momentarily out of reach.