A great show has grabbed our attention in San Francisco this summer, as Ratio 3 has curated a fantastic group of artists from around the world and focused more on their illustrative process in their painting works in the show, Palo Santo. And let's talk about this name; palo santo, Spanish for "holy stick." Personally, we use it here as incense, a calming, mood setting scent. Makes sense, as it folk medicine, it is used to combat bad energy. 

So in that sense, this show of subtle works by Amy Feldman, Lydia Fong (Barry McGee), Bella Foster, Drew Heitzler, Koak (who we featured in our Summer 2018 issue), Eddie Martinez and Tal R does indeed have a calming effect, a meditative vibe that captures some of the roots of each artist's personal style. And perhaps the name of the show indicates a clearing of energy before creating larger works for each artist? Like the act of drawing begets further exploration and the start of something new? 

The show is on view through August 18th, 2018.