Paco Pomet "Un Breve Fulgor (A Brief Glare)"

Jan 26, 2017 - Mar 15, 2017My Name's Lolita Art, Madrid

After being included in Banksy's Dismaland in 2015 and taking part in Juxtapoz x Superflat group show in 2016, Paco Pomet has spent the last couple of months preparing his next solo show. Un Breve Fulgor (A Brief Glare) which will be on view at My Name's Lolita Art Gallery in Madrid.

Photos by Christian M. Walter / Paco Pomet

Pomet's work is based on vintage photos from the beginning of 20th century that he transforms with unusual but recognizable elements. Armed with outstanding painterly skills and great concepts, he alters the existing images, giving them a whole new narrative and subject. These are often surreal, paradoxical, humorous, absurd, mysterious, bizarre or even impossible images that instantly capture viewers attention. By using bright, vibrant color, cleverly playing with light and glow effect, cutting out or adding parts of the image, or incorporating modern day, graphic symbols and elements, Pomet creates his own alternate history. Sarcastic and sharp, his work might seem simply aesthetic and skillful at first, but they often tell stories that refer to politics, gender or environmental issues, etc. He shared with us the process of working on "Asalto" (Assault), 130 x 170 cm oil on canvas that was based on archival photograph of Larson Bay, Canada. The idyllic landscape of Canadian backcountry is disturbed by the great red lake that is spilling and raising over existing cottages, amplified the inevitable feeling of strangeness present in vintage photographs. —Sasha Bogojev