Troels Carlsen moves from painting to collage to sculpture in his brand new show, "Otherworld," at V1 Gallery's sister space, Eighteen, in Copenhagen.

The Danish-born artist, who we have written about many times on the site and print mag before, and recently did a studio visit with, has been making paintings of animals and humans, as well as collage works, for years now. This particular show hits the nail on the head with the title: Otherworld. Troels's work has always had this familiar yet universally cinematic style to it, almost bring science-fiction and reality together in one work. This current work also features hybrid human-bird sculptures, sort playing off his collage-style paintings.

As the gallery notes of this particular work "In Carlsen’s version we are met by three bronze sculptures of Psychopomps – literally meaning the 'guide of souls'– creatures, spirits, angels or deities in many religions, whose responsibility it is to escort newly deceased souls from earth to the afterlife or Otherworld. The sculptures (Fates #1, #2, #3) are birds that instead of one wing have grown a human arm. In form they are trapped between animal and human, being neither or both. Morphed mediators that appear both strong and gracious while at the same time in a state of conflict and distress. Four works on paper in irregular jagged frames (Mediator #1, #2, #3, #4) elaborate the concept further. In these works Carlsen combines vintage anatomical charts with beautiful renderings of exotic birds. Half scientific study, half dream."