COOPER COLE is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Geoff McFetridge. This marks the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, his first in Toronto since 2012.

In the paintings on show, Geoff McFetridge waxes poetic on the human condition. Figures are arranged against flat tonal surfaces, often forming simple shapes in their solidarity. They lean on one another or melt, become one; they leap through space using heads as stepping-stones. The way McFetridge has choreographed bodies makes apt metaphor for social mechanism, whereby the final form (of a new image or world) is achieved through collective action and support. In paintings otherwise, the motif of a string is present, looping through geometric forms and bodily fragments, an ode to the interconnectedness of things. In a moment, coloured line embodies thought: graspable between the narrow in-betweens of fingers, or differently transferrable among communing individuals. For this, McFetridge continues his ongoing conceptual investigation of painting at the nexus of drawing and design.