Oli Epp's "Epiphanies" in Paris

May 03, 2018 - Jun 09, 2018Semiose Gallery, Paris

Young English artist Oli Epp, who we're featuring in the upcoming Summer 2018 issue of Juxtapoz, is currently having a solo show with Semiose Gallery in Paris, presenting his most recent series of Post-digital Pop paintings. Titled Epiphanies, the exhibition includes images that depict banal and globally recognized moments, which are the artist's reflections on human interaction in the post-digital age.

Epp's work usually sprouts in his everyday environment when he notices an image that has potential to be portrayed in his peculiar satirized style. The process continues on the computer where rough forms are vectorized and eventually end up on canvas or panel, where the image is painted using flat visual language. This base image is often juxtaposed against realistically painted objects, which clash further with his nonchalant way of depicting space and scale. By reducing his imagery to the rawest possible shapes, and including only the most crucial elements, the London-based artist composes images that are borderline abstract, yet easily recognizable and identifiable for the wider audience. Using a wide range of techniques and painting tricks, Epp even manages to create an atmosphere that accompanies the scene, such as heat from the tanning machine and blurred vision during the late night visit to a local shawarma shop.

Using everyday items like ear pods, brand logos, signage, gadgets, digital iconography, the young artist fabricates a direct connection with his audience that can instantly identify with his subjects and themes. After building a serious following on social networks and receiving great recognition and multiple prizes for his public satire work, Oli Epp is currently working on multiple projects through Europe as well as his upcoming US debut with Los Angeles' Richard Heller Gallery in 2019.––Sasha Bogojev