Almine Rech London is pleased to present the second exhibition of Chloe Wise with the gallery and her first in London entitled Not That We Don't.

Chloe Wise's practice spans diverse media, including painting, sculpture, video, and installation. Foregrounding an interest in the history of portraiture, Wise examines the multiple channels that lead to the construction of a Self, paying particular attention to the interweaving of consumption and image making. With a wry sense of humor, Wise's portraits forefront the image of feminized bodies, probing the ways in which the commercialization of all aspects of contemporary existence ultimately settles on this roving signifier. The staged environments wherein her sitters are placed speak to a discord between the ultimately intimate relationship linking the artist and her subjects and the mediation that separates them, with a curtain of artifice both consoling and heightening this fissure. 

"Not That We Don't" is on display at Almine Rech London from April 10, 2019, to May 18, 2019.