Josh Jefferson, who has been editing our Juxtapoz Saturday School series on our IG, has slowly been showing some of his newest paintings over the past few weeks, interspersed with his own studies in art history. The works are unlike anything the artist has worked on before, almost sculptural in their application, and the new body of work will be shown in Not For Nothing, on view at Steven Zevitas in Boston from January 4—February 23, 2019.

"This new work is nothing like I’ve done before," Jefferson told us this morning. "They’re darker more dense and somewhat muted. But there is a pull to them, they look like objects from a different time or sculptures or leather. There’s something confusing and interesting about what it is that you are looking at. Although created with cut canvas and paint. they look like sculptures." Take a look in the gallery above for more looks at the new works.