"No Hard Feelings": Grace Weaver's Elegant Playfulness @ Koppe Astner, Glasgow

Nov 07, 2017 - Dec 08, 2017Koppe Astner Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

(We have a little update on this recent show from Grace Weaver, which came down last week but now we have full installation shots) For our Scottish friends, go check the vibrant, graphic and everyday life portrayals by NYC-based Grace Weaver in her new solo show, "No Hard Feelings," opening at Koppe Astner in Glasgow from November 7—December 9th, 2017.

We have been huge fans of Weaver's work, from afar at first and then when we saw the works in person at Soy Capitan in Berlin this past summer, we really began to enjoy the nuances of the works. The paintings are far more gestural than can be noticed on a computer or iPhone screen. Because of the size of the canvases, as the canvases tend to be on the larger side, each character have big paint strokes as the outlines. In a way, it almost gives a wondefully abstract style mixed with an almost comic-book-meets=mid-century-European-advertisement style character process.