Born in Fukushima, Japan, in 1994 as Shin Nakagawa, NKSIN is a self-taught painter that uses manly airbrush as a technique to create his peculiar works. He spent his childhood and adolescence between the Philippines and Japan, in a difficult and frustrating environment that he tried to escape through his imagination and art.

His unique interpretation of contemporary social issues, especially focused on people relations, is a provocative yet humorous way to reflect on his rough personal experiences and thoughts in his artistic activities from an ironic perspective. His unique spray-painting style is strongly influenced by the American animation designs of the 90s, by pop icons and art personalities. He has developed a hybrid style by interpreting and juxtaposing various races as the main characters and mixing them with Japanese subculture. The emotions that NKSIN expresses through his characters are also works of self-questioning about their ignorance in response to the information about themselves they learn for the first time, turning into a moment of revelation.

GR Gallery is currently exhibiting NKSIN's work at Art Basel's Scope Art Show in Miami.