GR gallery is pleased to announce HUSHED, the first U.S. solo exhibition and special 4-day showing of the cutting edge Japanese artist NKSIN, that will present a completely new body of works. The show will unveil eight large format fresh paintings on canvas executed with the artist signature technique. NKSIN masters the airbrush medium to create mostly black and white exclusive compositions, dominated by a single strong character stylistically influenced by 90’s American animation and Japanese subculture, offering a redacted interpretation on contemporary social issues.

Opening reception: Thursday June 02 4:00pm – 8:00pm (Exhibition Dates: June 02 – June 05, 2022). 

Hushed” aims to showcase NKSIN newest series in a crucial moment for his career and personal life: In March a strong earthquake struck Fukushima, the city where the artist was born and where he is currently living, consequently NKSIN lost all  the paintings that he was working on in his studio. Since then he has been working around the clock, improving his technique and was able to develop a new way of creating which allowed him to produce the works for this exhibition. He is investigating nowadays society through a renewed point of view, his known irony got surpassed by a more mature criticism that, combined with a sharp humor and taking inspiration from his personal experiences, is able to give birth to this sophisticated body of work.

As a result of this intense experience NKSIN characters have now lost their mouth and their ability to talk and express themselves in a regular way; they have been ‘hushed’ by a society that that want to keep every individual under control. On the other side the strength of the characters gaze grew considerably, together with their gestural capacity and the presence of external elements as an attempt to find a new communication method. Also stylistically the subjects became more solemn and distinguished, the subtle and smooth airbrushed areas magically contrast with each other generating a more sharp and somber approach, that is opening a new chapter in the artist creative process.