Nicomi Nix Turner is showing her newest solo exhibit, The Dying Thought, at Last Rites Gallery. The exhibition features a collection of new drawings, which examine symbols of dominion among Man.

In modern society, people have become governed by the idea of flags: an overbearing symbol of ownership of people and land. In The Dying Thought, archetypes traverse barren dreamscapes, bearing dominion over themselves, their freedoms, their hope and lack thereof. The works touch on the division between Man and communion with warring gods, aiming to validate the figures in momentsof freedom and perhaps, finding absolution in that moment: their dying thought.

The animals in Turner’s works often represent the human essence-- dogs representing mankind's more brutish behaviors, while moths can dance in and out of consciousness, aloof. They interact with humans included and subtly make gestures or actions in reference to human tendencies usually kept to the self.In The Dying Thought, Turner’s signature style of drawing has elevated through an introduction of new mediums. Over the years, Turner has built her works in obsessive, meticulous lines of graphite. However, through experimentation, she has discovered a medley of oil, wax and resin mixtures that, combined with graphite, are able to convey precision, but with an ample amount of spontaneity and movement in stillness.