New Works by Rebecca Leveille

Mar 24, 2017 - Apr 23, 2017SITE:Brooklyn, Brooklyn

In Rebecca Leveille's new work the notion of "crush" takes on multiple interconnected meanings: the deeply personal feeling of intimacy with, but also being overwhelmed by the artistic subject. Her figurative work explores these themes by interacting with the influence of a number of artists including Jim Shaw, Alice Neel and Walter Robinson. This notion of intimacy is further explored by the equal power she invests in symbolic personal, and pop culture images, bringing into question the viewers relationship with emotion and artistic subject matter. Her uses of pattern bring complex cultural associations of domesticity and colonial exoticism while also intimating the duality that occurs with the same memory or relationship.

Leveille's work is garnering ever growing praise. Jerry Saltz called her work "very good" and Walter Robinson commended that "Somebody's Got Skills." Art critic, poet and historian Peter Frank writes of Leveille's work: "It is this refractive mindset, this looking at looking, that truly makes Leveille work modernist (or, if you would, neo-modernist). Clearly enamored of her subjects and clearly committed to the development of an increasingly rich palette and increasingly voluptuous drawing style, Leveille's is most interested in how to get these formal qualities to serve pictorial narratives without disappearing into them. That is, she wants to balance method and material, giving equal weight to what is pictured and to how it works as a picture. Form in Rebecca Leveille‚Äôs art follows fiction and function; as a result, that art proves as bracing as it is enchanting."

An opening reception will be held at SITE:Brooklyn on March 31st, 2017 from 6-9pm