Andy Rementer's new exhibition, Again at Everyday Mooonday Gallery in Seoul features new oil paintings on canvas, and various works on paper. In this latest body of work, Rementer returns to his signature themes of relationships, isolation, space, and nostalgia. Bold characters, mainly women, dominate the canvases while interacting with their colorful and flattened physical environment. The viewer is suggested to wonder what might exist just beyond the frame, and what the connections between the characters are. Italian architecture, fashion and design also permeate the works on display.

The artist's experimentation with contrasting shadow and light is abstracted to post-cubist portraits in the series of oil paintings on paper. This is a continuation of the drawings featured in his latest zine Good Morning, published by Commune press in Tokyo. The show coincides with the release of Rementer's latest book Sketchbook / Volume One: Travel. Visual observations drawn while traveling around the world have been collected from his many sketchbooks and published for the first time by Seoul-based 1984.