This Saturday, Spoke Art in San Francisco will share an all-new collection of portraits on black velvet from artist Bruce White. This exhibition marks the most autobiographical series the artist has ever created, focusing on heroes from the LGBTQ community past and present. Taking inspiration from pop culture and the political world, Bruce has created over 20 meticulous portraits to shine the light on those that have championed the advancement of equality for those most often marginalized within our society.

White had this to say about Icons: “The earliest known black velvet paintings were brought back by Marco Polo from Kashmir. Because the fabric was so expensive, it was reserved only for portraits of royalty and religious icons, subjects of reverence and worship. I want to elevate and equate these heroes and allies of the LGBTQ movement to the level of royalty and sainthood, celebrating the diversity that shapes our popular culture."

The exhibition will be on view during PRIDE for the month of June at their San Francisco location. Along with the portraits on black velvet, we will also be offering a selection of signed and numbered limited edition prints.
Please join them on Saturday, June 4th for the opening reception from 4pm - 7pm PT. The online release for the artwork will be Thursday, June 9th at