Gallery 16 is hosting a solo exhibition of work from one of our long-time friends and favorites, Nathaniel Russell. Russell's work has graced the pages of Juxtapoz and the New York Times on more than one occasion, and his "RESIST FEAR/ASSIST LOVE" posters can be found all throughout the United States. This show, titled Peace Jazz, will feature ten large paintings on panel, over 50 "fake fliers" mounted on panel, and an installation of small wooden sculptures, all varying in price. 

The gallery provided this succinct overview of the new show: "Often using humor as an entry point, Russell provokes viewers to consider their place in the universe. His clever words and bold graphics illuminate sad truths of contemporary culture, as well as empowering values. These themes of hope, reflection and transcendence take on a particular significance against a contemporary backdrop of cultural disconnection and distraction. The artist expands on this sentiment in a new series of paintings that exude the same harmony without the use of text, rather through expressive forms. This collection of large-scale paintings on panel, featuring naturalistic forms, cut and rejoined much like a jigsaw puzzle, are suggestive of objects coming together through abstract compositions and formations. Large color blocks and lines sweeping off the frame elude to a raised hand, or a simple symmetrical shape topped with a white sphere implies a dandelion, comprise this body of work."

"I want to create work that is sincere, hopeful and optimistic. I hope that when someone walks away, that they have learned something about another person, therefore about themselves." –Nathaniel Russell