Chicago-born and Brooklyn-based artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn is currently finishing up new work for his upcoming solo show, On That Faithful Day, at Half Gallery in New York. Consisting of nine works on paper and one painting on linen, this personal showcase will include self-portraits and a portrait of his late mother.

The permeating theme of the show is predicated on the artist's enduring relationship with his mother. Quinn promotes the idea that people are made from experiences and encounters we undergo throughout our lifetime. Building his work from these memories and visions, he assembles diverse visuals together using black charcoal as his primary medium. By combining them with gouache, and soft or oil pastel, he achieves different textures and effects which result in unique visual jumble of all hand drawn, cutout-like sections. Working without sketches or concepts, these images are come directly and undisturbed from his memory and heart, slowly building an image of a person he is painting. The completed paintings are an exciting blend of different styles and visual languages, evoking re-creation of an image from torn photographs. The four self-portraits included in the show will be the first self-portraits that the artist ever created. —Sasha Bogojev

"The show is an ode to my mother, a show given in her great and mighty name, the woman whose love and compassion gave rise to my permanent sense of ambition, belief, and faith in the prospects of creating, for myself, a fulfilling future." —Nathaniel Mary Quinn