Simultaneously with his show at Schneider Museum of Art, Nat Meade is currently having a solo show with Froelick Gallery in Portland, titled All Arounders. This is Nat's 4th solo show with Froelick, and is consisting of new pieces created as a part of his ongoing research of male archetypes. If you'd like to read more about Nat Meade, read his interview from our October 2017 issue.

All Arounders is a perfect description for Meade's recognizable male characters that he reproduces in his work. Experimenting with layers of vibrant colors, and simplifying the prominent features of his subjects, these works are questioning the stereotype of the male figure. Using direct light and strong shadow effects, the New York-based artist is creating an atmosphere that wraps these solitary figures into desolate settings. This is in direct contrast with vivid pigments of casein that create rich textures and complex color schemes of the works. Whether enjoying a cigarette, hiding under the table, drowning in the water, or covering their impressive beards with tears, the narratives are in direct opposition with the common notation of a typecast macho man epitome.––Sasha Bogojev