Treehave Gallery at The Schneider Museum of Art is currently showing Nat Meade's The Wait exhibition. The artist, featured in our October 2017 issue, is presenting a selection of recent works exploring male archetypes through his peculiar work process.

Comic-like and often with exaggerated features, Meade's characters are stripped of any macho or patriarchal attributes, leaving just rough representations of ordinary middle-aged men. Exclusively working with casein on paper and canvas, the small size pieces are rich in texture and the tones layered on them. Simple in their composition and motif, they are explorations of how his unique work process impact the final image. Greatly influenced by artist's personal impression of a fatherly figure as well as his experience as a father himself, the works are constantly evolving and modifying his ongoing research. With a strong emphasis on light and shadow, as well as intense and repetitive paint application, they carry a profound feel of seriousness while depicting his subjects through almost humorous perspective. Set in uncertain time and space, the timeless body of work is equally striking  as an installation of clusters or presented individually. On November 1st Meade will be opening his next solo show with Froelick Gallery in Portland.––Sasha Bogojev