Muzae Sesay has made structural paintings that also exist as free-form abstractions. You can see the intention and spontaneity in each work. It seems apt that he would title his new show, Multi-Purpose Room, as it sort of gets to the heart of his multi-purpose intent. There is also an intimacy to a room, something that you can hide away in, or open up to others, but really, it's a personal place. 

From November 13—December 3, 2021, pt.2 Gallery in Oakland will present a new solo show by Sesay, continuing his long-time relationship with the gallery. In the press release, they note, "Multi-Purpose Room extracts the intimate scenes and scenarios we share in the pursuit of nothing. The innate social encounters that help define our collective connection also establish our existence as distinct and special. The intersection of choices that end up illustrating our life narrative. Snapshots and pathways string together the dichotomy of past and future while images of current situations snuggle in a grounding sense of present. Realizing no one had any idea it would be like this, we can see the ever expanding multidimensionality of relationships. Bound to one another for better or for worse, I ask where are the rooms in my house?"