Morgan Blair's "TL;DR" in NYC

Sep 07, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017The Hole, New York City

It’s no secret Morgan Blair is one of our favorites. Recently featured in our August 2017 issue, we are always coming back for more. She possesses a unique talent to marry painting and comedy in a completely unique sort of absurd-meta-internet-heavy kinda way and this past weekend, Blair unveiled seven new large-scale paintings at the New York space, The Hole. We stopped by to peep her new work and maybe get a laugh or two.

Jessica Ross Morgan Blair The Hole6

According to the gallery, it’s “a show for “recovering postmodernists”. Blair’s works can be interpreted as a millennial neo-Dada recovery of meaning from a jaded anything-goes Gen X sensibility. Randomness, millennials found, is not an abyss but rather very useful; all our computer systems need it to function, and it’s very hard to generate. As nothing too long gets read anymore, this may not be the best part for me to type: we should look closely at the relationship between randomness and the absurd in our cultural moment!”

Jessica Ross Morgan Blair The Hole5

Titled TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) it signifies the sort of existential psychological state all of us enter in when we go online. It’s not just about short attention spans or the ridiculous random-core nature of the web but rather the postmodernism visual language we all share, at least online. Influenced by the digital age, her paintings layer abstract form with semi-recognizable imagery and gradient color with another until it results in a psychedelic composition of tonal shifts and mind bending pattern. Blair’s signature sand and airbrush combo create depth and texture in her paintings and make for a more interesting effect for the viewer, one that can’t necessarily be seen online. 

Jessica Ross Morgan Blair The Hole12

Never taking it too seriously, Blair’s titles for her works are comedic gold. One is “When I Saw Gwen Stefani's Miniature White Chocolate Kitchen My Jaw Dropped, All My Hair and Teeth Fell Out, and I Impulsively Started My Own Web-Based Lifestyle Branding Pop-Up Fragrance Experience (Scientists Were Shocked!) Featuring 72 Must-Have Human Rights You Won't Believe Really Exist, But That Really Do Exist At The Bottom of Oreo Pence's  Pool Full of Listerine, Watch Til The End!” Our other favorite “Just Two Honest Bros Doing Their Best To Make a Reservation at Guy Fieri's Restaurant While Simultaneously Ensuring The Rule of an Authoritarian State - Uh, I Mean, It's Cool, Everything Is Fine! Hey, Is That an Egg Salad Slider or Jeff Sessions? You Won't Believe What Happens Next!” Pulling from the weirdly worded clickbait headlines we come across every day, her titles add a completely new context to the work and allow Blair to explore the kind of farcical idiosyncrasy of internet culture within her practice. 

Jessica Ross Morgan Blair The Hole14

TL:DR is on view at The Hole September 7th – October 15th, 2017, be sure to check it out. 

Opening night photos by Jessica Ross