Modern West will open Summer Salon, a group exhibition featuring their unique roster of artists. The show will be on display in their main and upstairs galleries June 28 through August 16, 2024. Summer Salon is an exhibition that highlights the evolution of Modern West and their artists. Through bright, vibrant, playful artworks and both traditional and innovative installations, the exhibition unfolds symbiotic relationships between the artists’ vastly different practices and techniques.

Summer Salon will feature artists Shonto Begay, Fidalis Buehler, Rebecca Campbell, Day Christensen, Michael Coles, Shalee Cooper, Angela Ellsworth, Phil Epp, Nathan Florence, Alexandra Fuller, Kiki Gaffney, Sheldon Harvey, Suzanne Hill, Dick Jemsion, Jim Jacobs, Dimitri Kozyrev, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, Beatrice Mandelman, Mitch Mantle, V. Kim Martinez, Arlo Namingha, Louis Ribak, Bailey Rigby, Billy Schenck, Woody Shepherd, Ben Steele, Eugene Tapahe, Diane Tuft, Jerrin Wagstaff, Mike Whiting and Xi Zhang.