After showing in LA and Portland earlier this year, Mike Lee will be opening his first international solo show on November 18th at Amala Gallery in Tokyo. Happier Together will be his introduction to a new audience, through this new series of oils meticulously rendered in rich spectrum of grayscale tones.

As a digital media professional, Lee's work has been significantly influenced by the importance and the potential of light effects. Using it to create peculiar atmosphere in his work, his images are both happy, uplifting and content, while carrying an unmistakable dose of uncertainty and tension. Although clearly figurative at first, the simplicity of his visuals and the impossible compositions are pushing his newer work further towards abstraction while still applying the common rules of atmospheric light and shadow. This balance of two opposing worlds further accents the duality of his pleasing images. By depicting his subjects as super simplified archetypes, stripped of any features or recognizable attributes, and placed in an unknown, void space, Lee is creating an universal and unpretentious visual language that speaks of happier version of all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. —Sasha Bogojev